PCF Overview

  • Microsoft Power Apps Component Framework (PCF) is used create reusable code components, when out-of-box components does not meet business needs.
  • These are used within the Power Apps applications that you create.
  • These code components are used to create visual controls and can also have business logic as per the business requirement.
  • It supports client frameworks like ReactJS and AngularJS.
  • Uses responsive web design principles so that users can use it on any screen size/device/orientation.
  • PCF Components can use device features like camera, location, microphone etc.
  • All files of this code component will be bundled into a single solution.
  • Below are the types of components that can be added
    • Dataset: This custom control displays the rows of data.
    • Field: This custom control is created for a field in a form
  • There are numerous examples for PCF Code components that people have already created. You can check in PCF Gallery.

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